Tummy and Hip Binder

Hip Binder Help Mommies Return to Pre-Pregnancy Size

Some mommies might think that they would easily return to the pre-pregnancy size after giving birth. Sometimes pregnant mother can gain up to 20kg, due to increase in appetite. Only after few months after delivery, mommies start to realize that it’s not that easy to get back in shape. Jeans that they can wore comfortably previously, now become very difficult to pull up.

One traditional method (yet proven to help) is to wear tummy and hip binder (or abdominal binder). By wearing this binder, it will provide outer compression to gently guide the widened pelvic bones back to their original shape. By capitalising on these normal physiologic changes associated with pregnancy, a hip binder, when worn after delivery, applies pressure directly to the hips to help mommies return to their pre-pregnancy size.

Tummy and Hip Binder

Further details on the benefit of using tummy and hip binder can be found here.

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