Benefit of Abdominal Binder

Abdominal binder: Helping Mother get back in shape!

Belly-binding is rooted in ancient tradition. In Japan, the Middle East and South America, it is normal for women to wear a compressing wrap, corset or girdle to speed up their return to their pre-pregnancy size.

This Belly-binding is also said to remind women to tighten their core muscles, to reduce swelling and stretch marks, and support the spine.

Nicky Croft, a women’s health physiotherapist at the APPI Clinic in Hampstead, North London, says:

“After giving birth, the uterus is still enlarged and the whole of the abdominal wall has lengthened and stretched throughout the pregnancy”.

This will return to normal, but it takes time. The evidence shows that the best way to reduce abdominal distension is breast-feeding and specific exercises to strengthen the abdominals during and after pregnancy.

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