No More Nyonya Meneer Telon Oil? Here are the alternatives brought by Baby Shop SG

No More Nyonya Meneer Telon Oil? Here are the alternatives brought by Baby Shop SG!

Nyonya Meneer has stopped the production of its popular and internationally well-known telon oil since Aug 2017, as the local court declared its bankruptcy. It is a pity as in 2 years time, they would be celebrating their 100 years anniversary.

We are loyal users of this telon oil as it never fails to keep our baby warm and it is the best oil which soothe baby’s tummy from getting colic in addition to its therapeutic smell.

Telon oil is commonly applied on baby’s tummy, back, chest, hand and feet to keep the little one warm. Since baby’s body heat regulation system is not perfect yet, they are easy to get cold.

This mixture can prevent bloating in the baby, stimulate baby nerves, improve digestive system performance, warm the body, eliminate itchiness and soften the skin.
You can also do baby massage to help lo relieve tummy pain. You will be surprised to see how excited is your baby when he/she is being massaged 🙂

For extreme tummy pain, mixing red shallot with telon oil and apply on baby’s tummy will help to release gas more effectively.

When we received this news, we started to source for other types of telon oil as we just welcomed a lovely newborn to our little family. Therefore, Baby Shop SG decided to bring in the following 4 alternatives in place of Nyonya Meneer Telon Oil (please click on the product image for more details):

  1. My Baby Telon Plus

  2. Telon Oil Cap Lang

  3. Konicare Telon Oil

  4. Konicare Lavender Telon Oil

Feel free to contact us to enquire further, we would be glad to share with you in more details on each type of the above telon oil.

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  1. Hi. May i know which smells like the telon nyonya?

    • Hi, Konicare telon oil smells the closest to telon nyonya 🙂

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