Revised ANZ Travel$ Cash Credit Redemption

Revised ANZ Travel$ Cash Credit Redemption


With effect from 1 Apr 2015, there is a revision of redemption rate of Travel$ to cash credit.

Previously, 550, 1100 and 2800 Travel$ can be converted into $10, $20 and $50 cash credit, making it worth 2.5% rebate everytime you swipe your card. However, with the current revision, 2800 and 7000 Travel$ can be converted into $20 and $50, making each transaction only worth 1%.

If you are one who is not aware of such changes, actually ANZ has informed their customer via bill insert in the monthly bill. You might have missed it, probably because you were too busy listening too news about Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, like who are the foreign leader attending LKY’s funeral, or reading to the eulogies. Or might be because you were watching youtube on many video tributes to LKY.

Now, the favourite question is whether “Is it still worth to keep ANZ Travel Card”?

If you ask me, the answer from Baby Shop SG is yes, because of the following reason:

  1. You can still keep the travel$ and convert it into miles. This card offers one of the best conversion rate, which is 1.4 miles per 1$ spent. Take note there are $25 conversion fee if you going to convert it to miles
  2. Unlimited access to Veloce lounge. This is one of the major benefit of ANZ Travel Card that no other card can beat. Whenever you travel, you can visit some of their lounges at free of charge.
  3. Occasionally ANZ offer you $20 cash credit, if you update your income with them.

To close up this post, we strongly recommend you to read the bill insert regularly, as ANZ might have further changes to the T&C card. If you are aware, before this, they also revise the total amount spent on ANZ Travel Card from $1500 to $2500 on 1 month, to enjoy airport limousine transfer.

But it is no harm to keep the card due to 3 main reasons mentioned above. This card also recommended for those who like to keep miles, and those who like to travel.

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