Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree

True Love Story in the 1970s

Looking for a true love story to tell your children?

For people who were born in 1970s, they must be familiar with a song of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree”, which was a hit song back then. Baby Shop SG would like to share or remind you about the story behind the song:

On 1971, New York Post wrote a true story about a man who live in a small city in White Oak, Georgia, America. He married a pretty and kind lady, however he does not appreciate his wife. He did not become a good husband nor a good dad. He often go back home late and sometimes hit the wife and the children.

One night he decided to try his luck to the capital city, New York. He stole his wife’s savings, then he took bus to the north, the capital city, to his new life. Together with his friends, he started new business. He enjoyed his life for a while. Sex, gambling, drugs. He enjoyed all of them.

Months and years passed by. The business is not working well and he started losing money. Afterwards, he involved in Criminal activity. He enforged fake cheque and use it to deceive people. Until at one occassion, he is caught and the police put him in prison. The court punish him with three years of imprisonment.

At the end of his imprisonment, he started to miss his house. He missed his wife. He missed his family. Finally he decided to write a letter to his wife, to tell her how regretful he is. To tell her that he still love his wife and the children.

He hope that he is still welcomed. At the same time, he also understand that it might be too late, so he ended his letter by writing

“Honey, you don’t need to wait for me.
But if you still have feeling for me, would you please show it to me?

If you still want me by your side, please tie a yellow ribbon for me, at one of the only ole oak tree at the centre of the city. If I pass by and do not find any yellow ribbon, it is perfectly fine. I will understand. I will not alight from the bus, and will go on to Miami. And I promise I will not disturb you and the children anymore forever.”


Finally he is released from the prison. He is very anxious. He didn’t get any reply from his wife. He didn’t know whether the wife receive the letter or although she read the letter, will she forgive him? He boarded the bus to Miami, Florida, across his hometown, White Oak. He is very nervous. The whole bus heard the story, and requested to the bus driver, “Please, when drive across White Oak, drive slowly.. we need to see what will happen..”

The heart beat very fast when the bus approaching the White Oak City. He was afraid to lift up his head.

Finally he saw the tree. Tears drop from his eyes.

He didn’t see a yellow ribbon..

Not a piece of yellow ribbon is there..

Not a piece..

But hundreds of yellow ribbon at the ole oak tree.. The tree was full of yellow ribbon!!

This true story become hits number one on 1973 in America. The driver immediately called the news and tell them about this story. A song writer compose a song from this story, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree”, and when the song was released on February 1973, it became hits on April 1973.

You can listen to the song here:


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