Derek Redmond – Barcelona Olympic 1992

Inspirational Story from Derek Redmond (Barcelona Olympic 1992)

Derek Redmond is a Great Britain’s 400m runner, who was favourited to obtained gold medal during 400m sprint at Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

Derek Redmond of Great Britain is in agony as he is helped to the finish line by his father, Jim, after tearing his hamstring muscle in the semi-finals of the men's 400 meter run. Redmond collapsed about half way through the race with the injury, but got up, determined to finish despite the pain. His father came out of the stands and onto the track to help his son. Redmond initially tried to push him away, not realizing who he was, but then heard a familiar voice. "Derek, it's me" his father said. Redmond told his father "I've got to finish this race." His father said "If you're gonna finish the race, we'll finish it together." With his father's help, Redmond made it to the finish line. Redmond, a brilliant runner whose career was plagued by injuries, had previously suffered a similar fate during qualifying for the 400 meter race in the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. In a qualifying heat for the 400 meter race, he pulled an Achilles tendon, an injury that led to five surgeries. Later, watching a video of that 1992 Olympic race, Redmond said "I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life. It's more embarrassing than anything else--men don't cry." Photo by Jerry Lodriguss / The Philadelphia Inquirer

However, 150m entering the race, his hamstring snapped and all people thought he would stop the race and seek medical’s assistance immediately. In contrary, he continued to run and finish the race.


This shows not only one athlete’s near-heroic desperation, but also a broader theme: nature of parenthood.

May this story be an inspiration to all of us, and be grateful to our father. Not only during Father’s Day, but also everyday.

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