Benefit of Telon Oil

Telon Oil in Singapore

Telon oil is commonly applied on baby’s tummy, back, chest, hand and feet to keep the little one warm.
Since baby’s body heat regulation system is not perfect yet, they are easy to get cold.


Telon oil is a formulation of 3 oils:
1. Foeniculi oleum (fennel oil, 16%)
2. Cajuputi oleum (cajuput oil, 62%)
3. Cocos oleum (virgin coconut oil, 22%)

This mixture can prevent bloating in the baby, stimulate baby nerves, improve digestive system performance, warm the body, eliminate itchiness and soften the skin.
You can also do baby massage to help lo relieve tummy pain. You will be surprised to see how excited is your baby when he/she is being massaged 🙂

For extreme tummy pain, mixing red shallot with telon oil and apply on baby’s tummy will help to release gas more effectively.

Are you looking where to find minyak telon (telon oil) in Singapore?

We offers 2 type of telon oil:
1. Telon Oil Nyonya Meneer (60 ml) – $2.50
2. Konicare Lavender Telon Oil Plus (60 ml) – $3
On top of the benefit mentioned above, lavender telon oil will give your baby extra protection from mosquito bites!


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