Snoring During Pregnancy – Is It OK?


Did your husband ever tell you that he woke up in the middle of the night because of an unusual sound? Wondering why you start snoring when you don’t have the snoring habit?

Rest assured
, it is not just youone out of four expectant mothers suffered from snoring at some point during their pregnancy, especially during the last few weeks of your pregnancy 🙂

Several causes of snoring when you are expecting are:

  • Higher levels of estrogen will stimulate the production of mucus during the night especially on your nasal passages. Simply standby a pack of tissues near your bed in case you want cleanse you mucus of your nose.
  • Rising blood flow to help in the development and growth of your baby may cause the expansion of blood vessels which tend to block your nasal passages.
  • The heavier you get, the more body tissues is added to your nose, throat and the rest of the body.


“In other words, snoring is caused by the natural hormonal changes of the mother especially in the late trimester.”

Dr Gordon Lim

In summary, snoring is a natural phenomenon for some pregnant women. Therefore, it is important for husbands to understand their wives especially when they snore at night. Baby Shop SG encourages all husband to treat it like beautiful sounds of music!


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