Should I give water to hiccups baby?

Should I give water to hiccups baby?


Babies often get hiccups, particularly after feeding time or sometimes after burping. This happens because of sudden change on their diaphragm. For adult, we will drink water to cure hiccups. However, water that look harmless to adult, is not safe for young infant.

Why water is not safe for baby?

WaterIt is not a safe cure for infant’s hiccups, especially babies under 6 months old. It will affect his/her body capability in absorbing nutrients. In the worst situation, it may cause water intoxication, where water dilutes the sodium in a baby’s body which may cause seizures, coma and eventually brain swell. It also interferes with baby’s feeding, water will give baby a false sense of being full.

Then, how do I cure baby’s hiccups?


Baby Shop SG recommends:

  1. Waiting for the hiccups to go away by itself, normally around 10 minutes.
  2. Hold baby up against our shoulder and pat her back (similar to when we try to burp the baby).
  3. Gently massage baby’s back to help baby relax, it will relax his/her diaphragm as well.
  4. While holding baby in upright position, pulling down their toes slowly gently will also sometimes cure hiccups.
  5. Feeding them.

When should I start give my baby water?

Water in small doses is acceptable for baby age 6 months and above (e.g. to cure hiccups). Even then, water shall be kept below 2 ounces (60 ml) within 24 hours. Reason being is because water can still make them feel bloated which affects their diet. Once they are 1 year old, then it is safe for them to drink more water; provided they are eating solid food and drinking whole milk.


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