Preparing Your Toddler for Child Care

Preparing Your Toddler for Child Care

One alternative that young couple in Singapore choose for their little one when they need to go to work is to bring them to a child care. However, sending your little one to a day care might not be easy most of the time, especially if both you and your kid are not familiar with the child care environment. Below are some tips which you can use to prepare prior to sending your toddler to a child care.


1. Find a fun way to explain to your toddler how interesting a child care is

You can share an interesting story or draw about child care with coloured pencils, using his/her favourite color.

2. Do a survey on the venue

Visit the child care with your kid, in order to let him get familiar with the place. Let him meet the caregivers to make him feel comfortable and secure.

3. Explain the child care schedule

Share with your toddler on the daily schedule that he needs to follow in the day care. The schedule may include meal time, snack, nap, and playing outdoor.

4. Say goodbye before you leave your kid

Do not leave quietly when you leave your baby at the child care. Tell him/her that you need to go to work and will fetch him after you finish your work. We can also create a ritual for good-byes, for example they will get a hug and a certain number of kisses before they walk their parents to the door.

We shall also demonstrate calmness when we leave them there.

“Children can tell if a parent is not comfortable leaving. If you’re anxious, they will be too.”

5. Consistency

At the beginning of the daycare transition, try to be consistent on when we fetch them as their internal clock will roughly able to feel how long they are apart from their parents.

6. Bring your kid’s favourite stuff

It can be his favourite blanket or toy. These items can work as a ‘medicine’ to calm him down when he feel anxious with the sudden change of environment. It is a ‘connection’ for them.

7. Ensure that kid’s immunizations are on-schedule

Before putting your little one to a child care, we should make sure children’s immunizations are up-to-date. We should discuss with caregivers if there is any special healthcare conditions or allergies that they need be aware, as well as dosages for medication should be put in writing.

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