11 Ways to Boost Milk Supply

11 Ways to Boost Milk Supply

Whenever possible, most mothers would like to give breastmilk to their little one because this liquid gold is very beneficial to both baby and mommy, such as:

  • Bonding between mother and baby
  • High immune system for the baby
  • Help mother get back into shape
  • More convenient, i.e. no need to look for warm water to prepare milk
  • Save spending on formula milk


Baby Shop SG listed down 11 ways which a breastfeeding mother can do to boost the milk supply

  1. Start early

The sucking process can start immediately after birth. For normal birth, baby will have instinct to suck for 20-30 minutes during the skin-to-skin moment, if the baby is not asleep due to any medicine / anaesthetic given to the mother during the delivery process.

  1. Be calm and confident

Mother need to be confident that she is able to produce sufficient breastmilk for the baby. She needs to be calm, as this will increase the chance of success. According to a research, psychological factor contribute more than 80% case of unsuccessful breastfeed. If the mother keeps on having though that “My breastmilk is not sufficient”, the brain will send signal to the hormone which produce breastmilk, and will subsequently reduce the supply. Rest well too.

  1. Increase Frequency and Intensity

Higher demand of breastmilk will lead to a higher supply. By increasing the frequency of breastfeeding or expressing the breastmilk (demand), more breastmilk will be produced (supply). If the baby is already full, you can express the breastmilk and store it either at breastmilk storage bag or breastmilk storage bottle.

  1. Empty your breast after feeding

More often you empty your breast, more breastmilk will be produced.

  1. Do not think about giving formula milk

Sometimes mother tends to be concerned whether the breastmilk is sufficient, thus contemplating whether to give formula milk. If formula milk is given to the baby, it will lower the demand and hence reduce the breastmilk supply. Also, baby tends to feel confused between the nipple and milk bottle. In addition, baby will feel full longer when he/she drink formula milk. This leads to less frequency for breastmilk demand, which cause less supply of breastmilk.

  1. Avoid use of pacifier

By giving pacifier to the baby, the baby might have nipple confusion and affect the sucking capability. Baby will tend to suck less intense when they are used to pacifier.

  1. Consult a doctor

Seek paediatrician or lactation consultant to identify the possible solution to help you continue the breastfeeding journey. They should be able to advise the parents on how to optimize your breastmilk supply.

  1. Nutritious food for the mother

Mother should eat enough meal per day (at least 4-5 meals). Recommended diet for breastfeeding mom includes green bean, green papaya, soya bean, corn, dark leaves, ground nut, sashimi, durian and herbal soup. Drinking water will also increase the milk supply but the milk produced will tend to have more foremilk compared to hindmilk. That is why Baby Shop SG recommends to drink more herbal soup compared to plain water.

  1. Take care of your breast

Ways included breast message and compress the breast with warm/cold water alternatively. In the event you experience sore nipple or nipple crack, quickly apply nipple cream to quickly recover so that you can continue feeding your baby. Reason being is, most mothers will tend to avoid feeding baby on the pain breast, this will then affect the breastmilk demand and hence supply of that breast.

  1. Consume vitamin to stimulate the milk supply

This is one way to increase the milk supply, but please take a look at the recommended dosage and monitor the milk supply. Too much supply may cause blocked duct and eventually affect the supply.

  11.  Power pumping

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Disclaimer: This article is meant for mothers who choose to breastfeed the baby. For those mothers who choose to feed their baby with formula milk, it is perfectly fine.


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