One-off Bonus for Civil Servants

One-off Bonus for Civil Servants


Public Service Division (PSD) on Wednesday (17th Jun 2015) has announced that about 82,000 civil servants will be entitled to a one-off bonus of S$500, as Singapore celebrates its Jubilee year. PSD stated in a news release that this SG50 payment is “in recognition of their contribution towards nation bulding”

About 2,500 Division IV Civil servant will also receive a wage increase of S$30 in their monthly salaries, which will take effect in July. This will be addition to their annual wage increment in 2015.

This is on top of 0.5 month mid-year Annual Variable Component (AVC) payment in July. For year-end AVC payment for civil servants, the Government will decide on the payment after taking into consideration Singapore’s economic performance in the second half of this year.

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) also said in a statement that they are “heartened” that more employers accept the call for a special SG50 bonus. “The focus placed on the Division VI employees with an additional built-in wage increase also shows an alignment in commitment to help our lower wage officers.”

Earlier this month, SMRT, DBS and NTUC have also released statements that they will be awarding their staff with special bonus to celebrate this SG50. More details can be found here.

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