Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box

Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box

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Baby Shop SG now sells Jelly Beans “Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box” in Singapore!

We highly recommend this product if you like to hang around and have some fun during gathering without any brain power, buy a pack of this and play away!

Up to 20 different Flavours!

These Jelly beans may look alike but they could not taste more different from each other

Think you can tell them apart?

Stinky Socks or Tutti-Fruitti

Rotten Egg or Buttered Popcorn

Barf or Peach

Booger or Juicy Pear

Baby Wipes or Coconut

Lawn Clippings or Lime

Toothpaste or Berry Blue

Canned Dog Food or Chocolate Pudding

Moldy Cheese or Caramel Corn

Skunk Spray or Licorice

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“I had no idea the ‘Bad’ flavours will taste so real”

Back due to popular demand! If you are looking where to buy the Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box, you can find at Baby Shop SG!

The Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box can be refilled with Bean Bozzled fliptop box

Net Weight: 3.5 Oz (99g)

Sold by Baby Shop SG

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