Tips to speed up labour process

Tips to speed up labour process

Expectant mothers who are entering their last trimester might be excited and yet nervous at the same time, especially for those carrying their first child. It is quite normal to be nervous at this stage, especially when it is nearer to the EDD; yet there is no sign of labour.


Below are some tips that we would like to share which proven to speed up the labour process:

  1. Walk more frequently

Walking is a simple activity which can stimulate the baby inside the womb to move to the birth canal. Additional benefits include strengthening of muscle and improve blood circulation of expectant mother. The position is also very important, we shall walk straight and does not lean backwards. We understand that it would be quite tiring to walk with such a heavy weight in front of you, we would suggest you to ask your partner to walk with you, it will help to lighten the weight somehow.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise, such as walking up and down the stairs, can help the baby to move through the pelvic area. Alternatively, exercise such as Yoga or Pilates is highly recommended as some of the position will help to relax our muscle which are required during labour.

  1. Have some private time with your partner

Have a cuddle with your partner to help you feel more relax. The body will release oxytocin, a hormone which will strengthen the contraction.

  1. Do not panic

Approaching the due date, normally expectant mother will feel a bit anxious. This is very normal, but you need to reduce the anxiety as much as possible. You can share with your husband, midwife, gynae, or even psychiatric. Try to find some activity to help you relax.

  1. Use herbal therapy and massage

There are some herbal which can stimulate the womb for contraction. However, doctor consultation is recommended before you proceed with the therapy. You need to understand the correct dose and usage in order to have the result.

The purpose of massage is to have body balance and stimulate the labour process. However consultation with doctor who is familiar with massage technique is strongly recommended.


Most of the hospitals in Singapore offer Antenatal class. First-time parents are recommended to join this class, so they can understand the different stages of labour and how to deal with the pain at each stage. They will also know the symptoms of labour, so they are aware of when is the correct time to go to the hospital.


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