Registering Singapore Vehicle to Enter Malaysia

Registering Singapore Vehicle to Enter Malaysia

With effect from 1st Sep 2015, Singapore vehicles entering Malaysia are required to be registered with Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (RTD). This is compulsory and failure to do so means refusal entry to malaysia.


The online registration has started on Aug 15, and vehicle owners are required to pay RM10 (S$3.60) for the road charge, which is valid for five years. Alternatively, Singaporeans can register their vehicles at all the 72 counters in both the Causeway and Second Link as well as R&R areas near the two main entry points.

However, we strongly encourage to register online here rather then to do it over the counter, as there are many information that they asked for. Just click on “VEP” on the right section of the page to fill up the form after you register. You might not be able to complete if you don’t have the documents, such as insurance details and Vehicle Registration cards.

RTD will issue a radio frequency identification (RFID) card after a RM10 registration fee is paid. The registration is valid for five years. The tag will need to be renewed upon expiry, or when the owner buys a new car.

Once registered, these Singapore vehicles will be allowed through Johor checkpoints for a one-month free trial from Sept 1 to Sept 30, after which from Oct 1 onwards Singapore-registered cars will be charged RM20 per entry for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).

The VEP for foreign vehicles was previously scheduled to begin on Sept 1, after it was postponed from August 1.

The VEP will be on imposed on private passenger vehicles, including multi-purpose and sports utilities vehicles, and payment can be made only with the Touch ‘n Go card.

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