OCBC 360 Revised Interest Rate

OCBC 360 Revised Interest Rate

OCBC has released statement on 30th April 2015 on the revised interest rate for OCBC 360 account. In summary, the revised interest rate is shown below:


As compare to our previous post, OCBC has released further information on the interest rate.

Bonus interest for crediting salary to OCBC account has been increased from 1% to 1.2% per year. This makes a total of 2.25% for category 1-3 above, which is higher than DBS multiplier (2.05%). Most likely people will be able to credit salary, pay bills, and spend on OCBC credit card.

Whereas for the fourth category, which is new, you can get additional 1% if you purchase any new eligible financial product from OCBC of at least the minimum amount, such as Endowment of at least S$8,000 in annual premium, or investment products such as Unit Trusts or Structured Deposit of at least $40,000.

You also can get additional 1% on incremental balance account, if you increase your account balance from previous monthly balance.


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